Wedding Photography | Nelson

I am fascinated by people, our interactions with one another, the customs we hold dear, the stories we all have. Everyone has a story, and if you take the time to sit down and listen, those stories will unfold.


I am invigorated by these stories, the memories of one’s life, the feelings, the emotions of a particular day, the music that was playing, the gentle breeze on a hot summers day, I am inspired by these little details that make up a story.


Whether you’re celebrating your wedding with friends in your backyard at home, a wild elopement across the ocean, a getaway celebration with all your loved ones I can’t wait to capture the story of your adventure together.


It has been an honour to photograph each of these weddings and to be a part of such heartfelt celebrations for these couples, while each wedding is unique, all of them are beautiful, emotional, fun and full of love.