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After a year at university, I decided it wasn't for me, so instead, I followed my heart. I spent a number of years travelling the world working with Olympic horse riders, but eventually, my passion fizzled out and I left the competitive equestrian world. I ended up in Edinburgh, partying away all my hard-earned cash while living in a 16-bed dorm for far too long. As my visa came to an end I bought a one-way ticket to Peru in the name of love, and lived in South America for three years, after which time I returned home to Nelson, New Zealand and picked up a camera... this is when I'd found my true calling. Nelson has always been home, and I now live here with my husband Pete and our dog Marlowe.

During my travels, I learnt to live outside of my comfort zone; to see the beauty in different cultures and immerse myself in the day-to-day life of a country that was not my own. We only live this life once and we must live it to the fullest. We are here to experience everything, food, wine, music, connection, learning, sorrow, love ... and it’s beautiful. It's all these little things that when bought together create the tapestry of our lives and our memories.

Ana Galloway Photography
Moody Queenstown landscape - Queenstown Wedding photographer Couple sharing a quiet moment as he kisses her shoulder

Someone once asked me...

If my photographic style were a drink, what would it be?

"A gin & tonic of course!" I replied.
Dancing the line between documentary-style imagery - the tonic, for substance, considered storytelling - the gin, because no good story started with a salad ... and a juicy twist of creativity - the zesty lemon, to make things a little interesting.


A few relatively pointless facts about me

- I once swallowed a bee while shooting a wedding in the mountains and lived to tell the tale.

- My husband took my last name, proof in the pudding that it’s 100% ok to break those old wedding traditions and re-mould them in to something new.

- I'm quite good at walking backwards, taking photos and parallel parking, there's probably a venn diagram showing the relationship between these three factors.

- Before picking up a camera, I moved to Peru for three years, with nothing but a suitcase of clothes and "Hola", "Gracias" and "Una cerveza por favor" up my sleeve.

- I'm on a continuous journey to find the best bloody mary in the world, taking submissions wherever I go.

Bride standing amongst long summer grass and wild flowers while she plays with her veil Nelson Wedding Ana Galloway Photography

Some of my favourite memories

Life in general / 01

The day I married this incredible human was literally the of the best day of my life, sounds cliche I know, but that doesn't make it any less true. Pete and I held our wedding in Nelson at the beautifully restored Fairfield House. We celebrated in May, the natural colour palette lent itself to warm Autumn colours, using a dreamy fusion of dried florals for the styling.
In the still of the evening, once everyone had gone home, we held each other in the middle of the dancefloor, I wish I remember what song was playing... We looked around the room at the aftermath, a beautiful chaotic mess of belongings, wine glasses, bouquets, jackets and toi toi. I had tears of happiness rolling down my cheeks. This is a moment I’ll never forget.

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Some of my favourite memories

Life in general / 02

Recently, I was encouraged to start a personal project, my focus had become so heavily wedding-related, and I realised that every now and again I need step back and do something for myself. I decided to photograph my 95-year-old Nana, and I wanted it to be an experience she'd never forget. On her birthday, I invited Nana to join me for morning tea at a local cafe, she had a lemon tart and I had a pecan pie. Afterwards, I'd booked us in for a facial treatment as a local spa. Neither of us had ever had one before, so it was a new experience for both of us and Nana couldn't quite believe that she'd been missing out on that luxury all her life! I drove her home and put on her favourite pearls, I softly applied makeup to her delicate glowing skin and combed her hair into place. She looked so regal, our matriarch, my Nana. I took a total of eight photos plus a couple on self-timer so that I could have a photo of the two of us together, it's a photo I'll treasure forever.

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Some of my favourite memories

As a photographer / 01

Last year, Aylah and Eamonn, one of my lovely couples who'd originally planned to celebrate their wedding in Nelson, decided to change plans and say their vows surrounded by turquoise water and the impressive Italian Dolomites at the picturesque Lago di Braies in Northern Italy. It was an opportunity I couldn't refuse! On the day of the elopement, we got up well before dawn to arrive at the lake before the masses of tourists. We began our hike to a secret spot I'd found the day before while I was scouting in the torrential rain. It was the perfect natural archway, a stunning reflection of the mountains in calm water. After the ceremony, we walked around the lake and made our way to a local village where there was a festival taking place. We ordered a couple of steins and some traditional food and savoured the realisation that we were all in Italy and Aylah and Eamonn just eloped!

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Some of my favourite memories

As a photographer / 02

Sometimes we as wedding photographers will go to extraordinary lengths for our couples and their entourage. For one particularly adventurous wedding, to avoid the groom and groomsmen getting covered in clouds of dust during the hour-long four-wheel drive we were about to embark on, I gallantly volunteering to ride in the back of the ute, due to very limited seating. By the time we arrived at the ceremony location, complete with impressive sprawling green valley and snowcapped mountains, I looked like a ghost, covered in grey dust, but the views were worth every speck of dirty that had landed in my eyes.

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Modern bride in Charlie Brear gown and groom in tuxedo walking through long summer grass Bridal party dancing in a field of summer grass Modern Classic Bride and groom with golden sunset at Kauri Bay Boomrock Auckland New Zealand Wedding Bride walking down the aisle with her mum and dad as a tear roles down her face. Nelson Beach wedding


Intimate wedding in the Baton Valley

Ah Ana thank you so much! You went over and above - it meant the world to both of us. We love the photos so much, thank you for capturing such beautiful moments of us. And for sending them over so quickly - so exciting to see them in the flesh.

Jessie & Sam


Great friends and a whole lot of love

Maaaaate!! Thank you so so so much for our gallery - Dad just watched the slide show and was so speechless with tears and then said “I knew from the start she was great, you could tell from meeting her - shes worked so hard and done such an amazing job” Can’t wait to pick the ones to frame now!

Charlie and Tom


Modern wedding at Kauri Bay Boomrock

It was important for us to feel comfortable with whoever would be documenting our wedding, and Ana felt like an old friend right away. She was a great communicator throughout the whole process, fun to hang out with on the day, and really went above and beyond to make sure everything ran smoothly. We were so excited to see the photos and she did not disappoint – all our family and guests loved them – she worked so hard to make sure we had an album we loved.

Lena & Raphael


Elegant beachside wedding in Marahau

Ana has a special aura about her, she is calm, kindhearted & incredibly talented at what she does.  From the first moments we engaged with Ana, the numerous emails we exchanged through to the detailed planning she did to find the perfect backdrop for us we couldn’t recommend her enough. She has created a timeless collection of images that live and breathe the memories we made. The best thing about Ana is she captured so many moments that we didn’t even realise that she was there, when we were lost in moments with each other, with our families & with our friends she has produced images that perfectly capture every moment.  We feel truly privileged to have worked with Ana & can’t thank her enough.

Lydia and Alex


If you feel a connection with my work, as all these courageous lovers did, I'd love to hear from you. I can't wait to hear all about your plans to create a celebration that is wholeheartedly your own.