Genuine. Adventurous. Intimate. Alive.


I am fascinated by people, our interactions with one another, the customs we hold dear, the stories we all have. Everyone has a story, and if you take the time to listen, those stories will unfold.

I want to capture those feelings you have when you put your dress on, when you first see the love of your life dressed in all their finery, when your guests embrace you after the ceremony, when he wipes the hair off your face and you share a precious moment together, on your wedding day.

I aim to create a timeless collection of images that live and breathe those memories…  the fleeting and candid, the energy that’s sitting just beneath the surface.  The moments that should be remembered, preserved and that you will hold close to your heart as the years go on.

Love is like a fingerprint, no two feelings of love are the same. I look for that when I photograph weddings, whether it be on top of a mountain with a newlywed couple, a tender moment between mother and daughter or an inside joke shared between best friends. Love is all around us and that’s what drives me.

It has been an honour to photograph each of these weddings and to be a part of such heartfelt celebrations with these couples, while each wedding is unique, all of them are beautiful, emotional, fun and full of love.


If you are getting married in the near future I would love to hear all the little details that you have in mind for your special day. Send me a message here, or to see more of my work check out my instagram.